About Us

Online Indian Shop takes orders via its website and delivers to customers directly 7 days a week . We deal in Indian Pakistani Fijian Grocery items and cultural foods. We take the hassle out of shopping and UN necessary trips to shops. You buy what you need, and we deliver to your door. Many of times people have few different trips to different shops to stock up their pantry for the week. We are one stop shop for all your grocery needs. Whether it is spices, Rice, Flour, or just bread and Milk. whether you run a busy restaurant or need a weekly grocery at home. We can deliver.


  • All Indian, Pakistani, Fijian store items.
  • Most of major retail store items. (Woolworth -Coles-Iga).
  • Meat Halal Only (Frozen).
  • Vegetarian Supplies.
Advertising Program :

We support businesses who support us.

We have open invitation to all of our customers to advertise on our website for FREE.

contact us at info@onlineindianshop.com.au